iPhone SE 2020 (iPhone 9): Release date, Price, specs and leaks!

The iPhone 9 – also known as the new iPhone SE – might be the cheaper iPhone to wait.

The iPhone 9 (the new iPhone SE) might be making its much-awaited debut this month, and it looks like it’s likely to be the cheaper iPhone that everyone is waiting for.

Known as the iPhone SE, the iPhone 9 is being asked to combine iPhone 8-like looks with the iPhone 11 power. Apple stopped selling the original iPhone SE back in 2018, but the iPhone 9 should be given something to encourage fans of smaller phones.

If the leak proves to be true then the new iPhone 9 / iPhone SE can make the list of the best phones. Here’s what we know about this new iPhone, including the expected release dates and expected features, including pricing.

iPhone 9 / iPhone SE Latest News:

  • A new leak shows that the iPhone 9 can only be called the iPhone SE.
  • With the iPhone 9 case appearing to retailers, it is expected that the phone will be shipped soon. The latest rumors point to April 15 as the day Apple announces the iPhone 9.
  • Code 14 on iOS points to a plus-sized version of the iPhone 9, which means we’re seeing two versions of the new phone.
iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020 Release Date:

We now have a temporary date for the launch of the iPhone 9 – April 15 That tech analyst comes from Jon Prosser who tweeted that Apple has set a temporary date for April 15 to announce the phone via iPhone 9 shipping but based on other reports, the device Maybe launched soon.

Prosser says these dates are based on Apple’s internal meeting and the dates may change, as Apple deals with the coronavirus epidemic that has already impacted the production of the iPhone 9.

Prosser’s tweet came in the form of a 4.7-inch iPhone 2020 Best, spreading the idea of ​​an April release for a new phone

We’ve been hearing about replacing the iPhone SE for years before the iPhone 9 Talk came out. But rumors about this specific phone can be traced back to the same time last year when TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s investor notes predicted the release of a new compact iPhone in the first half of 2020. It seems that this will happen in the end, at least if the new rumor is true.

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iPhone SE 2020

iPhone 9/ iPhone SE Name:

Originally, rumors of an iPhone SE successor were rumored to be called the iPhone SE2 but Apple might have a different name in mind.

New rumors point to Seattle as the name of its new compact phone on the Apple iPhone 9, in large part because the upcoming handset has adopted the size and design of the iPhone 8, and again some case makers like Totally have started using the iPhone SE2 name for the new phone. Accessories border – then who knows?

Just to add to the confusion, there is one more possible name, and it comes from Front Page Tech, which a source claimed would make the new phone simply an iPhone. No numbers, no letters – just the iPhone. We feel that this is extremely unlikely at this point.

iPhone SE 2020 Design and Display:

Ming-Chi Kuo’s October analyst note claims that Apple’s iPhone 9 will look almost identical to the iPhone 8 Ku further said that Apple will retain a 4.7-inch display in the iPhone SE successor, with a possible 5.5- or 6.1-inch model to come later in the year, The newly invented code by 9to5Mac on iOS 14 points to the existence of an iPhone 9 Plus, so we came up with a 5.5-inch display for the iPhone 8 Plus. I hope that the successor of the iPhone SE.

It is expected that Apple will put a thick bezel around the iPhone 9 screen as well as a Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the front. But Kuo’s prediction says that the larger iPhone 9 Plus / iPhone SE2 Plus will use a power button-mounted fingerprint scanner, which means no need for a home button.

However, other reports suggest a different version, similar to this video on Weibo that will be filled with an even more natch to look like the iPhone 9 iPhone X. The BGR could also be the design of the iPhone 9, which the site said also got images that point to a device similar to the iPhone X, but with a square-off metal rail similar to the iPhone 4 / the original iPhone SE.

It is this design that seems to be based on the attractive informal rendering of the iPhone 9 below, which looks great but does not fit the story described by other leaks. With Apple’s other iPhone 12 releases later this year, Kuo is claiming it could be a bigger phone.

According to another report in The Elec, LG Display will be a potential supplier of the iPhone 9’s screen. The report states that the panel was going through a last-minute quality check before production.

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iPhone SE 2020 Specs:

In a potentially interesting move, Apple may not want to cut the power in its iPhone 9. According to Kuo, the company will bring the same A13 processor that powers its iPhone 11 lineup to the iPhone 9. Add that to 3GB of RAM, and it might have solid performance.

Unlike the iPhone 12 models expected to release in the fall of 2020, the iPhone 9 won’t have 5G connectivity, Kuo says. That would allow Apple to offer the new Smartphone for much less than this fall’s iPhone releases.

Aside from that, Kuo didn’t have much to say about Apple’s spec plans for the iPhone 9 Smartphone. According to a rumor from Mac Otakara, there’s a possibility of Face ID making its way to the handset, but aside from that, the rumors are so far scant on Apple’s specs plan.

iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020 Price:

Pricing for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 9 can be daunting, but so far all signs point to the fact that it will be the cheapest model on the store shelves.

Apple’s current cheapest iPhone, the iPhone 8, was first released in 2017, costing $449 after the price cut. The iPhone SE had a starting price of $399 and dropped to $349 overtime.

A note from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo puts the $399 equivalent to the launch price for the original iPhone SE, the original iPhone 9. That’s $300 less than the basic iPhone 11, and based on the iPhone 8’s complaint, the phone will be a $50 discount on the iPhone 8.

Google Pixel 3A, another cut-down version of the premium phone, and perhaps Apple is trying to target the device, but Google is working on the new Pixel 4 expected later this spring, the same price will be the same as $399.

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